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D2iQ vs. Rancher ...Seeing is Believing
Nobody should buy what can’t be backed up with visible proof. And for business decision-makers and engineers alike, seeing is believing. Below we shed light on several hidden truths about Rancher so you can make more informed business decisions.
Learn Why Ziff Media Group Left Rancher for D2iQ

Ziff Media Group believed that Rancher offered all of the benefits of Kubernetes, but later realized it had some proprietary updates that prevented them from integrating with other upstream projects from the CNCF landscape.

"With D2iQ support, the initial response for all of our tickets is 50% faster than it was before..."

–Brett Stewart, Senior DevOps Engineer

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Rancher Doesn’t Perform at Scale—it Degrades in Performance

Rancher claims their products “scale to 5,000 nodes,” but former Rancher customers like Ziff Media Group saw performance degrade quickly over 30 nodes, resulting in a debilitating impact on their business.

How could this happen? Simple. Rancher products are not security, scale, and workload tested...but ours are.

At D2iQ, testing is believing—it’s the only way to prove your Kubernetes platform performs at scale. That’s why we test Kubernetes at a range of scales, and with a variety of workloads, to ensure our products will scale effortlessly, reliably, and provably.

Architecture is Meant to Give You Options. Rancher Does the Opposite.

Rancher claims they are “100% open source,” but they modify code for some of the supporting applications you need to make Kubernetes run in production. These proprietary modifications prevent you from using other open-source components, and lead to an increase in failures and downtime. 

With D2iQ, you don’t have to worry about changes like these “under the hood.” Everything is pure open source and works out-of-the-box, with no modifications that cause things to break. 

“Rancherized” open source is NOT open source.

Rancher is no Longer an Independent Company. Can They Still Promise Vendor Independence?

Now that Rancher has been acquired by SUSE, their Kubernetes offerings may not get the same level of investment, attention, and focus that they used to. And because SUSE’s CaaS and App platforms run only SUSE products, who’s to say that Rancher users might not be tied to a certain OS, as well? 

As the only independent Kubernetes provider of scale, we understand the value of vendor independence. We built a platform on pure, upstream open source Kubernetes so you're not beholden to our products. Our independence gives us the ability to focus on the success of our customers.

Machine Learning Projects are Complex. Rancher Doesn’t Have the Tooling to Simplify Them.

When a majority of critical enterprise workloads are based around complex stateful services, you don’t want to be stuck with a provider who doesn’t have the tooling and expertise to manage them. D2iQ provides an end-to-end solution for machine learning, so your team can develop, deploy, and run their workloads in production at scale and with ease.

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